Major All-Star Team (Dundas Little League)

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Greetings Dundas Little League Major Division Families!  

My name is Stephen Meyer, and I am the manager of the Major All-Star Team. 

2022 Looks to be an exciting season. 

I am a huge believer in learning, not just skills, but life skills, and more. 


I will be hosting a virtual Little League rules session which will be about 90 minutes in length. All  players, parents, coaches, and Executive are more than welcome to attend. If you understand the basics  (and some of the more intricate items), you will evolve in your role, whatever that happens to be. There  is no fee to attend this session. 


I am also looking at some virtual “baseball theory” sessions. Likely 45 minutes in length. This will  showcase videos and discussions. Topics will include – Double Plays, Cut-Off Man, Baserunning,  Bunting, and District Tournament Specific Rules. There are no fees to attend any of these sessions. 


Once mother nature allows us on the diamond, I will be hosting skills workouts. These will likely be on  Saturday mornings and one evening per week. There will likely be a small token fee of somewhere  between $2.00 and $5.00 per session.  


Once the team is selected, the plan is to have practices or exhibition games on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s  from 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM, and Saturday’s from 9:30 AM until Noon. 


Attendance at these tournaments is required. 

The Ancaster Heritage Tournament is in Ancaster June 10, 11, 12.  

The Major District Tournament is in Oakville July 8 through 15. In the event that we win  that tournament, we would travel to the Provincial Championships in East Napean  (0ttawa). 

The Adam Fedoruk Tournament in Oakville and is the weekend of August 12, 13, 14. This  tournament is confirmed to be this weekend, and we are in the process of securing a  spot. 

We are hosting a tournament September 9,10 and 11. Parent volunteering will also be  required.  


There will be no fees for any of the tryouts. 

Players selected to the team will have an assessment (fee) to cover uniforms and tournament entry  fees. 

These fees are not set until we get closer to the season. As a benchmark, the 2019 all-star team had an  assessment of $250.00 per player. Any sweaters, jackets, etc. are at the cost of the player/family. 

Any travel, accommodations, and meals during tournaments are the responsibility of the player/family  and are not covered in the player assessment. 


I am a firm believer in what I feel are the pillars of a good all-star team player. 


• Be available for all  practices 

• Be available for all games and tourname
• Everyone will bring a  skill with them 
• It is hoped that we can  teach additional skills 
• Ability to listen and  learn 
• Be open to change
• There will be a time  for fun and goofing  around, but there will  be times for seriousness 
• The maturity to understand the difference is important 
• Respect the game • Respect your equipment 
• Respect the opposition
• Respect the coaches,  umpires, and teammates 
• We are representing  the league and our  community 
• Everything we do will  be a reflection of that

I have been involved in Little League in Dundas for 34 years. I have also been fortunate enough to rise in  the umpiring ranks to 2 World Series, 11 Canadian Championships, and in South Korea for the 2017 Asia Pacific Championships. 

What does this mean? In my time at these (and many other) tournaments, I have been able to observe  these elite teams in their game play and practices. I was also able to engage in many discussions with  the coaching staff of these teams to discuss their philosophy etc. 

I am a firm believer in all the pillars listed above.  

Commitment. I am making a huge commitment to this team and this division. It is expected that all  participants will show a similar commitment.  

Fair Play. This is an elite level program. As a result, there are no guarantees that a player will play equal  time or positioning.  

Stephen Meyer [email protected] 905-973-8169