Training (Dundas Little League)


This page is meant to help coaches and parents teach baseball skills to their players. Use these resources on the field or at home to help improve your player's skills!

One great resource available to us is the Little League University online platform. They have many ideas for drills, from Tball and Coach Pitch, all the way up to Major-aged kids. Another good resource is Coach Ballgame.  Feel free to visit their websites for more information about various drills and tips for skill development.

Below are some videos to help coaches teach specific skills to their players and help them develop their baseball skills. They are broken down into 2 main categories: Fundamental skills and Skills for older players. We also have a few videos for arm care and off season training. Enjoy!

Fundamental skills

1) Base running

2) Learning how to catch a baseball 

3) Fielding basics

4) Hitting

5) Throwing

Skills for older players

1) Pitching

2) Catching

3) Arm care

Here are some simple exercises and stretches to help young players take care of their throwing arm. Especially if they are pitching and catching. 

Off Season Training Programs

Here are a few examples of drills you can do in in the Off Season to help prepare for next year: