New DLL Concussion Protocols

Dundas Little League Commitment

The safety and well-being of the players is of utmost importance to us at the Dundas Little League. We will train and provide resources to coaches, players and parents to recognize the seriousness of concussions and how we can properly deal with them.

Please visit our Concussion Protocol and Concussion Management tabs for more information.

Story of Rowan’s Law

Rowan Stringer’s story

Rowan Stringer

Rowan’s Law was named for Rowan Stringer, a high school rugby player from Ottawa, who died in the spring of 2013 from a condition known as second impact syndrome (swelling of the brain caused by a subsequent injury that occurred before a previous injury healed). Rowan is believed to have experienced three concussions over six days while playing rugby. She had a concussion but didn’t know her brain needed time to heal. Neither did her parents, teachers or coaches.

Rowan’s Law and Rowan’s Law Day were established to honour her memory and bring awareness to concussions and concussion safety.

Visit Ontario’s page on Rowan’s Law here.

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