Coach Pitch


The Coach Pitch Division of Dundas Little League is for players aged 7 and 8 per the Little League Age Chart.

This division plays on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Edwards Park on Mercer Street in Dundas.  .  The season runs from May to September 2021, weather dependent.

We will be playing with the same rules as Tee Ball, with the exception that instead of a tee, the batters will have 3 pitches from their coach.  After the 3 pitches, should the batter not hit the ball, the tee is placed and the batter hits the ball.  There are no strike outs or walks in Coach Pitch.

This will allow us to better develop catchers as well as batters receiving a pitched ball, while still utilizing the traditional tee ball rules such as last batter and dead balls.  This is a good intermediate step between tee ball and baseball.

The cost to register is $195.00 per player, until January 15, 2021. After January 15, 2021 the cost will rise to $219.00.

This cost covers a uniform shirt, pants, hat, and socks.

You will be required to provide a batting helmet, glove, and protective cup. We are unsure what other items will be needed at this time due to the protocols that may be in place when the season commences. We are developing a set of plans to account for all contingencies that may arise due to restrictions for the 2021 season.

The Coach Pitch Division uses a traditional hardball.

Should you be interested in purchasing a bat, please make sure that the bat is marked with USA BASEBALL. 

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